Success Story Updates

Some success stories from cats that went to their new homes in May:

Jessie (previously Tootsie):


Jessie has settled in really well with her new mum and starting to enjoy going out in the garden.

Billy & Jasper:


Holly has settled in well and taken my spot on the settee. She has ventured into the garden very gingerly but doesn't go very far yet. She seems happy and is very cuddly wanting to sit on us or near us.


From Bobby: "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my new owner's house is wicked. I have great adventures all over the garden even climbing trees! Very tiring though - but i found a great cardboard box that I can chill in when I come indoors. I manage to creep in and sleep on the bed most nights as well. Love it here - Love Bobby".



Lady Penelope: