Success Story Updates

Some success stories from cats that went to their new homes in May:

Diago (previous Bruno):

Diago has settled in perfectly and he has made himself well and truly at home. His favourite place to sleep is in the armchair with or without his owner. He has been in all of the rooms in the house, but not yet brave enough to go to the top floor by himself.


Phoebe is settling in so well. She is a gentle loving cat and we all love her to bits. The children play with her every day. Millie feeds her in the morning, fusses her and brushes her. Jacob adores her and loves stroking her. She has found a love of playing with a little mouse on a string. She is eating well and finding her favourite places to sleep. She loves nothing more than sitting on my lap in the evening when I watch TV.

Millie & Belle:

The girls are settling in nicely. They love to sleep most of the day usually under the sofa. They love their food and water fountain. They are still struggling to trust us for cuddles but do stand on the other sofa for a fussing. They are definitely night owls, their favourite thing is to bomb up and down the stairs or bat their balls at silly o'clock (2am).



Sugar and spice: